6/7/2017. As fortune would have it another email received on the same day.

Hi Charlie,

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I am having a really difficult time here. I am actually quite miserable and I have never felt so lost or lonely in my entire life. This all just feels like a big waste of time and money. Trudging through this emotional wasteland in a foreign country by myself is just too hard and doesn't seem to be worth it. Backpacking at 40 while grieving isn't quite the good idea I thought it would be...

The reason I wanted to reach out to you is not to lament but to tell you that the best company I've had during these last couple weeks has been your book. It has been such a wonderful companion. You are a very talented writer and I derive so much joy from your stories and how you present them, especially the more snarky quips. I'm not finished yet, just more than halfway through.  It's not only been a place where i can find solace but such an inspiration to continue writing my own book...

 I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your book and all that went into it. Thank you for your courage and wisdom and for fighting the good fight. I so loved when you compared the managed care employee to a Nazi and your response to the rebuke...so good. So many heart wrenching tales of the human plight. Thank you for who you are, what you do and for sharing it in this way.

Much love and respect,

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6/7/2017: Received this email that makes all the time and effort put into writing Hatching Charlie well worth the effort.

"Hello.  Not sure how to proceed.  I live in vermont but grew up in baltimore and visit from time to time bc family here in this area.  Found "hatching charlie" through having landed on some national social workers' conference website some months back.  (There was a sw conference here in balto this spring and i thought i wished i was a sw or therapist or something so i would have had reason to attend but am not,  just need the therapy to "get on with life" but it is late ...am 60 this year.) Okay so found hatching charlie and bought on Amazon..... this is fantastic story...it brought me to the edge of the storm....my love and congtatulations to you and your perseverance and tenacity and work ...  what a puzzle, what a grapple so weighted in reality....so the weight is real both when its felt and when it starts to lift.....so now am pouring through your borderline states and i would change "marriage" to "any and all relationship"  Can not find therapists in vt...maybe you know one 
..in meantime...do you see new people..could i even see you once ?  
Best wishes"