2000    Guest Speaker Series.   “Beyond
Neutrality: The Treatment of Borderline States in Marriage."

Sheppard-Pratt Hospital. Baltimore, Maryland.

2000   Keynote speaker.   “The Use of Separate Dyadic Interactions:  The Treatment of Borderline States in Marriage.” 

The Baltimore Society for Psychoanalytic Studies.

2001  Keynote speaker.   “You Can’t Get There From Here: The Treatment of Borderline States in Marriage.”    

Spring Conference of The Philadelphia Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology.

2001    Keynote speaker.  “From Insight to Relationship: The Therapist’s Use of Self Treating Borderline States in Marriage.” 

Insight Forum.  University of Maryland Continuing Professional Education.  

 2002  “Urban Tribes.”

Mark Steiner Show, National Public Radio. 

2002  “Relationships.”

Mark Steiner Show, National Public Radio. 

2002  Keynote Speaker.  Treating Borderline States in Marriage: Dealing with Oppositionalism, Ruthless Aggression, and Severe Resistance."

The Philadelphia Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology Reading Seminar.  Swathmore College, PA

2004  Three Session Series: "Understanding and Treating Couple Relationships." 

University of Maryland, School of Social Work Continuing Professional Education. 


1993    Grand Rounds.  “The Role of Couples and Family Therapy in the Treatment of Personality Disorder.”Maine Medical Center and The State Hospital of Maine.   Portland, Maine.

1994   Sunday Rounds. “Intimacy and Marriage.” The John Stupak Show. 

1996   “Betwixt and Between: An Object Relations Approach to the Borderline Marriage.” 

The Eighth Annual Helene Narot Memorial Lecture. The Clinical Social Work Association of South Florida, Inc.   Miami, Fla.

1996    Keynote speaker. “Shadows of The Heart: Applying Object Relations and Theological Reflection to Couples Therapy.” The Florida Conference Pastoral Counseling Network Annual Conference. Orlando, Fla.

1996  Grand Rounds. “The Effects of
Trauma on Couples and Families."

 Charter Hospital, Charlottesville, VA. 

1997  Keynote speaker.  “An Insight Oriented Approach to Treatment Resistant Couples.”
Perry Point
VA Hospital.  

1999   “The Gift: From Love, Hate, and Aggression to Love, Hate, and Reparation.” 

The Washington School of Psychiatry,  Annual Conference on Psychoanalytic Object Relations Approach to Couples and Family Therapy: Love Found and Lost in the Lives of Couples and Families



​1989  Grand Rounds.  “The Understanding and Treatment of Borderline States.”  

Suburban Hospital, Washington, D.C.        

 1990  “Projective Identification in the
Borderline/Schizoid Marriage.”   

The Washington School of Psychiatry, Annual Conference on Psychoanalytic Object Relations Family Therapy.       

1990  “Psychodynamics of the Borderline/Schizoid Marriage: The Holding Environment as an Essential Treatment Construct.” 

Miami Children’s Hospital, the Dade County Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and the Dade County Society of Clinical Social Work.   Miami, Fla.

1991 Keynote speaker.  “Projective and Introjective Identification in the Borderline-Schizoid Marriage.”     

The Third Annual Diane Davis Memorial Lecture. The Georgia Society of Clinical Social Work.     

1991 Grand Rounds. “The Use of Primitive Defenses in the Borderline Couple.” Ridgeview Institute.  Atlanta, Ga.  

1992 Keynote speaker. “The Potential Space in the Treatment of the Borderline Couple.” The Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for
The Advancement of Clinical Social Work. Toronto, Canada.

1992 Keynote speaker.  “The Role of the Therapist in the Treatment of the Borderline Couple: From Subjective Object to Objective Subject.”
The Baltimore Society for Psychoanalytic Studies. ​

1993 “On Being a Couple of Beings.”
The Washington School of Psychiatry, Annual Conference on Psychoanalytic Object Relations Approach to Couples and Family Therapy: Mourning and Containment. 

2005  "Borderline States in Marriage."  Pastoral Counseling Services of Maryland.  Baltimore, MD

2005  "Personality Disorder as a Truncation of Development:  Understanding and Treatment."

Family Services, Seattle, WA.

2005   Keynote Speaker.  "Finding the Individual in the Couple and the Couple in the Individual." 

Co-sponsored by the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study and the Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. Seattle, WA

2005  "Difficult to Treat Couples and Individuals"

Study Group of the Vancouver Psychoanalytic Society.

2005  "On the Understanding and Treatment of Borderline States."  Jewish Family Services, Baltimore, MD.

2007   “Implications for Treatment of the Borderline Mental State.” Maryland Society of Clinical Social Work. 

2007  Keynote speaker, “Before and Beyond Words:  The Impact of Countertransference in Couples Therapy.” 

The Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, Washington D.C.

2010   Keynote speaker:  "From the Image-Inary to the Real:  Transitions in Dating and Marriage." 

Washington School of Psychiatry, Washington, D.C.

2010  Keynote speaker:  "Holding and Containment:  The Therapist’s Management of Progress and Regress in Couple’s Therapy." 

The Washington School of Psychiatry,  Washington D.C. 

Major Talks​​​