Chapter 1:  Violence and Belittling—The Family

Chapter 2:  Violence and Racism—The World

Chapter 3:  Road Warriors

Chapter 4:  Chaos—Within and Without

Chapter 5:  Abysmal

Chapter 6:  Un-Civilization


Chapter 7:  Mad Pecking Adolescence

Chapter 8:  Risk Taking

Chapter 9:  Something Called Thinking

Chapter 10:  Lottery

Chapter 11:  Stumbling into the World

Chapter 12:  Escaping

Chapter 13:  Waylaid

Chapter 14:  Childbirth

Chapter 15:  Getting Schooled


III:  If Only I Had Ears to Listen—Hatching 102

Chapter 16:  Asylum

Chapter 17:  Inpatient to Outpatient

Chapter 18:  Rule 1—Shit Happens

Chapter 19:  Power?

Chapter 20:  Out-Patient to In-Patient to Im-Patient

Chapter 21:  Psycho-Analysis

IV:  Focused Pecking—Hatching 103

Chapter 22:  “Why just a Master Sergeant?”

Chapter 23:  Anguish and Joy of a Psychotherapist

Chapter 24:  Suicide

Chapter 25:  The Goths Are at The Gates

Chapter 26:  Coming Home, Again

V:  Swallow the Shadow—Breaking Out

Chapter 27:  Love Stories

Chapter 28:  Meeting Myself

Chapter 29:  Writing Myself

Chapter 30:  The Only Dance There Is

VI:  Reconciliation—Hatching Things In

Chapter 31:  Grand Fatherhood—The Children as the Father of the Man

Chapter 32:  Father-Out-Law

Chapter 33:  Grandfather Hood—Playtime

Chapter 34:  Boring and I Love it that Way

Chapter 35:  As Happy as I Can Stand

Chapter 36:  Why Change is Difficult

VII:  Full Fillment – Sorta, Kinda

Chapter 37:  The Cliff

Chapter 38:  Au Revoir

​Jacques, Charles, and Edward

          The Etienne Boys

Table of Contents